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ESGENA Technical Skills Workshops for Endoscopy Nurses

The ESGENA workshops for endoscopy nurses combine state-of-the-art lectures with hands-on training, focusing on a single topic. The ESGENA workshops for endoscopy nurses will combine state-of-the-art lectures with hands-on training, focusing on a single topic. The workshops will be held over 1-3 days and will be organized by the national endoscopy nurses' societies and ESGENA.

The project was initiated by Michael Ortmann from Basel (Vice-President of ESGENA), who has vast experience in organizing workshops using bio simulators. He had the idea of combining hands-on workshops with lectures that provide the theoretical background to the procedures being learned during the practical hands-on part. The combination is a very efficient way of learning.

The workshops are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • to stimulate and promote endoscopy nursing in the host countries
  • to advance the education of endoscopy nurses in the host countries
  • to promote an interactive teaching and training model for gastrointestinal endoscopy

The attendees will be able

  • to update their theoretical knowledge and
  • to increase their technical skills in dedicated endoscopic techniques.

Target Group

The target group will be nurses only.

Location and duration

In principle, the plan is to alternate the locations of the workshops between countries in western and eastern Europe. The duration of each workshop (1-3 days), will depend on local requirements and on the workshop's aims and content.


The content can be chosen by the local organizers in cooperation with ESGENA. Depending of the length of the workshop, it will be possible to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of one to three main subjects.

Speakers and tutors

ESGENA can provide highly experienced tutors and speakers. In addition, local nurses will be involved as speakers, chairpersons, and tutors.


In order to provide dry runs, endoscopes and endoscopic accessories should be available for practical training. Usually, manufacturers are keen to help with training equipment and exhibiting their new products.


In order to simulate realistic training scenarios, training on dummies is a very efficient way of learning. However, it is not necessary to use complicated and expensive bio simulators such as pig models for hands-on training. Artificial models can easily be made using a combination of plastic dolls, meat, fruit, and vegetables. This type of ESGENA workshop will also provide special training on how to make inexpensive, simple, and very effective dummies. In addition, industry-manufactured plastic dolls can be used in the workshops.

The use of dummies for practical training is not only a question of practicability. It has also ethical and legal aspects, as it means that patients do not have to be involved in the training of nurses or doctors and are not 'used' as training objects. Using dummies thus also protects patients. As they are not alive, situations can be repeated as often as necessary and step-by step-learning can be ensured. Dummies are a very effective option for simulating endoscopic procedures, daily scenarios, and possible complications in a very realistic way.


National societies that wish to host an ESGENA workshop are invited to submit a written application to the ESGENA Governing Board. Applications should be submitted at least 6 months before the scheduled workshop. Successful applicants will be chosen by the ESGENA Board.

Please find the application form here:

Workshops for Endoscopy Nurses - Application form

The first 3-days-workshop was held in May 2008 in Iceland.
Report from the First ESGENA Technical Skills Workshop for Endoscopy Nurses

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