European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates


ESGENA Statements and Curricula

Here you will find ESGENA Publications on various topics such as "ESGENA European Job Profile for Endoscopy Nurses" as well as "Recommendations for a European Framework for Specialist Nursing Education" and "ESGENA Statement on Nurse endoscopists".
The aim of this document is to provide guidance on nursing and supporting staff requirements in endoscopy to support the service and ensure optimum, safe patient care. It does not aim to address issues around training of endoscopists.

ESNO Statements

  • ESNO Statement : Competences of the Clinical Nurse specialist (CNS): Common plinth of competences for the Common Training Framework of each specialty


  • ESNO Accreditation Program - European Accriditation Network (EAN)

    ENA Network