European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates


Publications & Guidelines

Publications, conference abstracts and guidelines on various topics are available to everyone interested in endoscopy.

  • Conference Abstracts

    Conference Abstracts

    ESGENA Conference Abstracts provide an excellent overview of interests and activities of Endoscopy and Gastroenterology nurses across Europe. Invited presentations, free papers and poster presentation from the past few years are available. Abstracts are available in the members area only..

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  • Guidelines


    ESGENA closely co-operates with its medical counterpart, ESGE, in the production of guidelines for practice and in educational events...

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  • ESGENA Statements and Curricula

    ESGENA Statements and Curricula

    Here you will find ESGENA Publications on various topics...

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  • ESGENA E-News

    ESGENA E-News

    The electronic newsletter, “ESGENA E-NEWS” is published in between the printed ESGENA NEWS and distributed free of charge...

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