European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates



Foundation of ESGENA

During the first European Conference for Endoscopy Nurses in Oslo/Norway in 1994 a small group of enthusiastic nurses met to discuss the possibility of forming a European Endoscopy Nurses Group. A second follow-up meeting took place during the World Conference of Gastroenterology in Los Angeles later the same year. With the encouragement and financial support of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) a working party was set up, with the remit to write the constitution for the planned society. The group met twice during 1995 to draft the constitution. The group members came from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Members for an interim governing board were chosen and presented together with the final draft of the constitution to the delegates at the 2nd European Conference in Berlin/Germany in 1995.


The first elections of officers to the Governing Board took place in Paris/France during the 1st ESGENA Conference in November 1996.

Since 1996 ESGENA has organised a European conference every year in conjunction with the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week):

  • 1st ESGENA Conference, November 1996, in Paris, France
  • 2nd ESGENA Conference, October 1997, in Birmingham, Great Britain
  • As the World Congress of Gastroenterology and the 7th International SIGNEA-Meeting were held in September 1998 in Vienna,Austria, there was no European conference.
  • 3rd ESGENA Conference, November 1999, in Rome, Italy
  • 4th ESGENA Conference, November 2000, in Brussels, Belgium
  • 5th ESGENA Conference, October 2001, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 6th ESGENA Conference, October 2002, in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 7th ESGENA Conference, November 2003, in Madrid, Spain
  • 8th ESGENA Conference, September 2004, in Prague, Czech. Republic
  • 9th ESGENA Conference, October 2005, in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 10th ESGENA Conference, October 2006, in Berlin, Germany
  • 11th ESGENA Conference, October 2007, in Paris, France
  • 12th ESGENA Conference, October 2008 in Vienna, Austria
  • GI Nurses 2009 organised as a combined meeting of ESGENA and SIGNEA,
    hosted by the EAG-BSG in November 2009 in London, UK
  • 14th ESGENA Conference, October 2010, in Barcelona, Spain
  • 15th ESGENA Conference, October 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 16th ESGENA Conference, October 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 17th ESGENA Conference in October 2013 in Berlin, Germany
  • 18th ESGENA Conference in October 2014 in Vienna, Austria
  • 19th ESGENA Conference in October 2015 in Barcelona, Spain
  • 20th ESGENA Conference in October 2016 in Vienna, Austria
  • 21st ESGENA Conference in October 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

The 22nd ESGENA Conference will be held on October 20-22, 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
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So Far

ESGENA has over 7000 members representing both national societies / nursing associations and individual members from 44 countries. (see Membership)

In a fast-paced changing world, improving communication between practising endoscopy and gastroenterology staff is essential in order to maintain good practice standards. Communication between the society and its members is therefore conducted via the "ESGENA NEWS".

ESGENA has established a variety of databases on different issues which are available for members only:

  • a database for hospital placements and visits
  • a speakers‘ database for the organisation of congresses, workshops and seminars throughout Europe.
  • information about national European nurses societies
  • data about education of endoscopy nurses in Europe

Links with other groups having compatible interests/aims have been established:

Strong links have been established with the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) which has supported ESGENA since its foundation. Representatives of ESGENA have participated in ESGE-Workshops on advanced Endoscopy, the ESGE Education Committee and the ESGE Guideline Committee.
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Since 1996 ESGENA has organised its annual conference on the occasion of the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week). In organising this conference, ESGENA cooperates closely with United European Gastroenterology (UEG).
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ESGENA has established links with the Society of International Gastroenterological Nurses and Endoscopy Associates (SIGNEA) . Link zu SIGNEA Website: In 2009 ESGENA organised "GI Nurses 2009 - ESGENA/SIGNEA London", in close co-operation with SIGNEA.

ESGENA has also established links to the World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO) for educational activities.
» WEO website

As a European specialist group ESGENA has established links with the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN), formerly the Standing Committee of Nurses of the EU (PCN). » EFN-website. ESGENA was also a member of the ENNO Steering Group which developed the European framework of post basic nurse education.
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In October 2015 ESGENA became member of the European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) which provides an effective framework for communication and co-operation between the European Specialist Nurses Organisation and its constituent members in order to represent the mutual interests and benefits of these organisations to the wider European community, for the interest of the public health.
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We are in an exciting phase of forging further links with other Endoscopy / Gastroenterology Nurse Societies throughout Europe bästa casinot. It is our hope that exploring commonalities as well as differences both between and among the various countries will promote a more enlightened and informed approach to gastroenterology nursing.