European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates


ESGENA Partnerships


ESGENA Partnerships are being offered in order to establish formal cooperation between ESGENA group members. Examples of cooperations/projects include but are not limited to:

  • Exchange of expertise focused on a predetermined topic
  • Research projects
  • Development of guidelines, curricula and standards
  • Support to organise educational events
  • Support to develop national networking for endoscopy/ GE nurses, etc.

Conditions for application:

  • ESGENA Grants are restricted to ESGENA Group Members.
  • The application should be submitted by the governing boards of the relevant societies.
  • The project should be clearly defined, including the aims, objectives and expected outcomes of the proposed project.
  • National societies are required to identify a contact person in each country.
  • The contact person should possess a high level of proficiency in the chosen language(s) of communication (as agreed upon by the applicant countries)

Expenses covered:

  • ESGENA will provide up to a max. of EUR 2000.
  • The applicant countries are required to submit a detailed budget.

Application process:

  • Grants are limited to 2 per year
  • Selection will be made by the ESGENA Board.
  • Applications should be sent to Jayne Tillet:

Download and print the necessary forms here:

Partnership Application Form

Report back:

Upon project completion, applicant countries will be required to report back on a standardized form provided by ESGENA at the next ESGENA Annual General Assembly.

Furthermore, within 6 months of project completion, successful applicants will be required to submit an article in English for the ESGENA NEWS.