European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates


ESGENA Endorsed Events

By endorsing national and local events, ESGENA

  • promotes education opportunities for staff working in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing
  • supports the quality of endoscopic procedures and patient care in Gastroenterology by stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience in Endoscopy / Gastrointestinal nursing
  • underlines the scientific quality of the endorsed events

This category consists of events organised by third parties which are endorsed by ESGENA. Third parties are e.g. national societies, hospitals or institutes of higher education.


  • ESGENA endorsed events are announced with programme details on the ESGENA website and in the ESGENA e-NEWS
  • The ESGENA endorsement logo can be used for promotional purposes
    • on meeting material (see format guidelines below)
    • in local journals
    • on local websites
  • Promotional material of the event can be displayed at the ESGENA booth during the ESGENA conference and other European events

By granting this endorsement, ESGENA undertakes no financial involvement nor has any obligation to provide any support services for the event.


Applications for ESGENA event endorsement should be submitted to the ESGENA Technical Secretariat in electronic format.

  • Rietta Schönberger
  • ESGENA Technical Secretariat
  • Am Kastell 2
  • 85077 Manching, Germany
    Phone:  +49 (0) 8459/323941

AIn order to apply, detailed information regarding the complete scientific program including the speakers is required. An English version of the programme should be available. The role of Endoscopy and / or Gastroenterology nursing must be prominent among the topics under discussion.

Conditions and fees

  • Application must be made at least three months prior to the event.
  • The event must last at least one day.
  • Confirmation that the endorsement applies only to the single event.
  • Administrative fee of €  50,00
  • The ESGENA logo should be used in accordance with the ESGENA format guidelines (see example)
  • Any publications using the ESGENA endorsement logo are to be reviewed by the ESGENA Governing Board prior to printing or online publication.

Endorsement logo placement guidelines

  • The organisers will receive the special ESGENA endorsement logo.
  • The ESGENA endorsement logo should not be placed in a dominant position on any endorsed meeting promotional material. It should be smaller than the organiser´s logo.
  • The ESGENA endorsement logo may also be used on electronic promotional material and on the organiser´s website. The logo should contain a hyperlink to the ESGENA website (

Application form