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Educational Activity

Here you will find a variety of educational activities,activities organised by ESGENA or in collaboration with ESGE.

  • ESGENA Grants

    ESGENA Grants

    ESGENA offers three different types of grants: clinical grants, education grants and partnerships...

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  • ESGENA Training Centres

    ESGENA Training Centres

    Since 2013, ESGENA has been establishing training centres in its membership countries which fulfil common quality criteria...

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  • ESGENA Conference

    ESGENA Conference

    Since 1996 ESGENA has organised a European conference every year in conjunction with the United European Gastroenterology Week...

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  • ESGENA Education Working Group

    ESGENA Education Working Group

    The ESGENA Education Working Group (EEWG) consists of representatives from every European country holding an ESGENA Group Membership that meet to work on education issues relevant to Endoscopy nurses...

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  • Technical Skills Workshops for Endoscopy Nurses

    Technical Skills Workshops for Endoscopy Nurses

    The ESGENA workshops for endoscopy nurses combine state-of-the-art lectures with hands-on training, focusing on a single topic...

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  • ESGE-ESGENA Workshops on Advanced Endoscopy

    ESGE-ESGENA Workshops on Advanced Endoscopy

    International Workshops on advanced endoscopy with live or video demonstrations are organised under the auspices of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) in conjunction with national medical and nursing societies...

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  • ESGENA Endorsed Events

    ESGENA Endorsed Events

    By endorsing national and local events, ESGENA promotes education opportunities for staff working in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing...

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