European Society of Gastroenterology
and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates


ESGENA Education Working Group

The ESGENA Education Working Group (EEWG) consists of representatives from every European country holding an ESGENA Group Membership that meet to work on education issues relevant to Endoscopy nurses.

The group meets twice a year:

  • one three day meeting in spring including a main working topic and a Train-the-Trainers-Course on specific educational topics
  • one half day meeting in conjunction with the ESGENA annual conference, focused on the annual topic

Aims of the EEWG

  • To provide a channel for communication and interchange of information and knowledge focused on education of endoscopy / gastroenterology nurses
  • To stimulate and support the education of endoscopy / gastroenterology nurses in the ESGENA membership countries
  • To promote a recognised qualification in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing in the ESGENA membership countries
  • To advance the professional status of gastroenterology and endoscopy nurses and endoscopy associates on a European level

Please note:

  • Only countries which are ESGENA group members will be invited. Countries which have no group membership in ESGENA cannot participate.
  • Only one representative from each European country will be invited.
  • Representatives should have considerable experience in the education of endoscopy nurses.
  • As the participants of EEWG-Meetings represent their respective national country, it is expected that their participation at the EEWG-Meeting is discussed and confirmed at national level / with the national societies.

Main topics and results of the group to date:

  • Collection of data on the education of endoscopy nurses in Europe
  • Development of a structure for continuing education and short term training in endoscopy nursing
  • Development of a European Curriculum for Endoscopy nurses, based on the content of the European Job profile for Endoscopy Nurses
    View ESGENA Statements and Curricula here

ESGENA National Key Persons

ESGENA offers the support of key members who can be contacted in the process of establishing new courses or evaluating existing courses.
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